The Barker Shop Photography is all about making your BFF look great!

The Barker Shop, owned by photographer Kathy Deets, was created 15 years ago. The Barker Shop quickly grew to be one of the largest groomers in the U.S., grooming 60-70 dogs a day. Kathy is a hands-on leader, she opened her business by attending grooming school and then grooming for 2 years. As the business grew she added nutrition, wellness, daycare, training, boarding and rescue. On some days Kathy has touched 100 dogs a day. Having experience in all aspects - behavior, grooming and wellness -  Kathy makes every category of her business stand out to be the best! 

Previous to The Barker Shop Kathy was in the printing, graphic arts, advertising industry in Chicago. From that she gained an early adopters experience of the Apple Macintosh and Photoshop. She has a strong understanding of DSLR photography (including iPhone) - workflows, color correction, retouching, studio lighting, and social media. This business experience has given her a strong business foundation to build The Barker Shop and create incredible photography of your pet.

Kathy's commitment is make make every pet look great in every day life and in camera. She promises it and guarantees it.